Tee Chuanromanee

I’m Tee, a fourth-year PhD student working in the HCI Lab at Notre Dame under Dr. Ron Metoyer.

My pronouns are they/them.


My Research

My areas of interest lie the ways that technology can better serve the trans community by making different forms transition more accessible, and how technology can challenge traditional gender transition narratives. My dissertation aims to address these normative narratives and propose design alternatives.

I'm also interested in data-driven storytelling and sensemaking. My work examines the optimization of holistic review processes. I'm also passionate about designing and improving solutions for technologically mediated mental health treatment.


Past Projects

I've been involved in multiple computing projects outside of research.

Diagnostic Assistance Software for Mental Health Care Providers

Undergraduate thesis project to assist mental health care providers by developing a neural network that predicts possible diagnoses of mental disorders. Developed using Theano running on top of Keras.

Kettering University Open Forum

Campus-wide online forum for students to discuss issues of day-to-day life. Developed in conjunction with Cole Heathcock, Tyler Craig, George Reeves, and Andrew Cicchinelli as part of Web Software Tools term project using HTML/CSS, PHP, and MySQL.